Relax (It's feels sooooooo good!)

Your issues are in your tissues. Time to let go.

We can’t deny the connection between mind and body.

Think about how you feel when you know you are going on vacation. Blissful! Or that Monday morning crash when you get back to the grind. Let’s face it, our thoughts impact how we feel moment by moment - and then our physical bodies hold on to that stress. Stress is a killer. You’ve got to release it!

When you add these three easy habits to your routine, you’ll banish stress and enjoy these additional awesome benefits: increase blood circulation and lymph flow, reduce pain and joint inflammation. You’ll lower your resting heart rate, increase joint flexibility, boost endorphins (yum) and strengthen your immune system.

Here are three easy ways to add stress busting to your daily routine (before it starts doing you in).

Gua Sha: add 3 minutes to your morning routine: We’re going to exercise your face! Massage your face for three minutes in the morning. Why? Because you’ll benefit from beautiful skin with improved tone and skin elasticity. You’ll decrease fine lines naturally but more importantly, you’ll move toxins up and out of your system. So good for you! Take just three minutes, it’s the length of your favorite song. Gua Sua morning karaoke anyone?

Foam Roll: add 5 minutes to your gym/yoga/exercise routine: Sitting all day at the office or being stuck in traffic on the daily commute is murder on our posture, which causes all sorts of health problems. The list is long but highlights include bad posture, back and neck pain, chronic indigestion, acid reflux and depression.

A daily 5 minute routine with a foam roll will improve your posture, digestion, core strength and sleep. Even if you don’t have a regular workout routine, add a foam roll to your movie routine and you’ll still enjoy the benefits! Your pets will love it too ;-) Super Nova Ball: do this at your desk anytime:

Got an email to write or on the phone? Activate this simple ridged ball and suddenly your desk becomes a health centre! This ingenious little ball grabs onto your fibrous connective tissue just beneath the skin, providing increased circulation, movement of lymphatic fluids and breaks down muscular stress and tension. Best thing about it? When Justin from Sales drops by “to hang out”, you can throw it at him.

Till next time,

Angie xo

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